CarbonScrubber technology was originally developed by Nitro-Turbodyne, Inc. as part of an algae-based biodiesel project to provide large quantities of CO2 that were scrubbed from diesel power generators. The system was modified and later successfully demonstrated as part of a US Navy Liquid Energy Storage System. Nitro-Turbodyne created CarbonCap, LLC to further develop and bring this unique and efficient technology to market.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide cost-effective, compact, expandable, low-impact, high-efficiency CO2 capture technologies to industries that emit CO2. Nitro-Turbodyne's clean/green engineering experience has been used by industry and the US Department of Defense to provide their expertise on carbon sequestration, cryogenics and innovative power production systems that are not only unique, but have zero environmental impact. CarbonCap's mission is to take the most important and promising of Nitro-Turbodyne's innovations - the CarbonScrubber™ and provide it to industry in the most affordable way possible.

CarbonCap has the tools, expertise and experience to not only save you money - but to help you reduce your carbon footprint. Let us help you - and save you money in the process.


We remove CO2 from our client's smokestack gases for a fixed-fee-per-ton-removed. Our fee is priced below the typical price of a cost-per-ton carbon-credit on most carbon exchanges. Your company can sell their carbon credits credits from the elimination of CO2 from their smokestack gases (via a broker or other commodities trader) on the open market - providing you with a means to pay our fee and remain revenue-neutral or even revenue-positive, depending on the set price of the carbon credit on the exchange.

CarbonCap stores and removes all the CO2 that it captures from your industrial flue gases as a liquid or gas.

A simple, cost effective solution to your carbon emission problem.

What We've Achieved

  • Demonstrated a high-capacity, ultra-high volume CO2 scrubber to the US Navy
  • Developed a scrubber that provides ultra-high purity CO2 for medical, food, chemical and agricultural industries
  • Created a compact, modular, expandable and energy-efficient method of capturing and storing CO2 as a gas or liquid
  • Successfully removed up to 99.9% of  available CO2 from flue stream 
  • Designed and developed a scrubber technology that is highly-compact (1.25m²/kT-Yr) and efficient
  • Successfully demonstrated a sclaed decrease in the amount of CO2 emitted by power generation stations, steel mills, incinerators, petroleum refineries, pulp mills and cement plants