Before today, your carbon-rich industrial flue gas cost you a lot of money in taxes or a lot of money to clean

Today there is a simple solution to clean up the CO2 in your company's smokestack gas stream without breaking the bank. CarbonCap's CarbonScrubber™ is a simple solution to a complex problem.

CarbonCap's service is simple - we remove CO2 from your company's smokestack gases for a fixed-fee-per-ton-removed. CarbonCap's fee is priced below the carbon-credit price on the carbon exchange, your company can eliminate CO2 liability on a revenue-neutral to revenue-positive basis. We haul away the CO2 so that you don't have to deal with it and re-use it in building materials, food, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, and a type of fuel.

The CarbonCap system is based on technology developed from a system that was successfully demonstrated to the US Navy, CarbonCap's patent-pending CO2 capture system uses a proprietary, reusable polymer-based sorbent media that can capture over 99.9% of CO2 in a stream of flue gas or industrial gas discharge. Whether ethanol plants, power plants, steel mills, pulp plants, cement plants, incinerators or petroleum refineries, CarbonCap's CarbonScrubber technology can handle it all.

Welcome back to the era of increased production and increased profitability - but without the worry of increased carbon emissions and high carbon taxes.



Science and technology rely on proof. We've successfully demonstrated our patent-pending CarbonScrubber™ to the US Navy as part of a "Liquid Battery" energy storage system. We have the experience, expertise, tools and capability to help you reduce your carbon emissions - no matter how big (or small) you may be.

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     A Los Angeles Cleantech        Icubator Portfolio Company



We'd love to hear from you. We'd love to show you how you can reduce your carbon footprint. Best of all, we'd like to show you how you can have us install a unit...with zero net cost to you, and how clean up your carbon emissions without cleaning out your bank account.

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